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Grant Garmezy

Grant Garmezy
By Admin Muranonet 20 July 2021 22 Views No comments

Born in 1984 in Nashville
Growing up in nature, Grant Garmezy has always been fascinated by the rural world and the nature of fields and forests, bringing these sensations into his works.

He began his artistic career working with metal and clay.
In 2003 he began to approach the glass material and since then he has never stopped experimenting with new possibilities to create works influenced by his life on the farm.
Today he creates works inspired by nature and the fantasy world and captures movement and life in his glass sculptures.
Garmezy mostly uses the massello glass technique, he begins each piece by collecting the molten glass on the canna, then sculpting it with a variety of hand tools in metal and wood.
As in the Murano traditions he does not use molds, ensuring that each piece is unique in its kind.
Today Garmezy lives and works in Richmond, Virginia as a professional glass artist and continues to draw inspiration from the South American environment.

Grant Garmezy holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University with an emphasis on glass blowing.
Upon graduation, he was awarded an international residency in Scotland.
The Royal Scottish Academy awarded him the Benno Schotz Award as the UK's most promising young sculptor.
Garmezy has collaborated with Scott Darlington, Ross Richmond, Martin Janecky, Raven Skyriver, Marc Petrovic, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jasen Johnsen.
He brought his art to the northern lands of Scotland and Seoul, South Korea.