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​ Massello

​ Massello
By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 3186 Views No comments

Full, not blown glass, processed under heat by modelling a block of glassy mass applied over the tip of a metal rod. This process appeared in Murano for the first time in the late 20s thanks to Flavio Poli at the I.V.A.M. furnace of Libero Vitali's where he designed the first figures in full or massello glass.

Once an initial distrust was revealed from the most traditionalist critics was overcome - actually they saw in this technique a betrayal of one the most important Murano glass feature, the lightness, this process has been widely adopted throughout the island.

Once it become one of the most used system, it allows to achieve remarkable artistic results, as shown by some works executed by Archimede Seguso and by Alfredo Barbini.

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