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Oh my god my beloved murano piece broke…

By Admin Muranonet 5 July 2021 18 Views No comments

It is known that glass by its nature is a resistant but fragile material that does not withstand shocks and falls.

Since 1997 we have been online with our site and over the years I have been contacted by hundreds of customers in desperation because the glass object had broken, to which they were particularly fond of because it was linked to travel memories or perhaps it belonged to the grandfather's collection or aunt.
In some cases, the good news was that the glue simply gave way, leaving all the glass parts intact, so it was enough to restore it using the new glue products which in the meantime have greatly improved their performance.
However, in most cases the damage was more serious.
It is never pleasant to have to inform our followers that there is nothing to do or that intervening would be exaggeratedly expensive.
In these cases, both the real value of the piece and sentimental value must be taken into consideration.
When the damaged object has a high commercial or historical value, the idea of restoring it can be evaluated without losing money.
If instead it is a simple souvenir, it is good for the customer to know that it is likely that the repair will certainly cost more than the value of the object.
You can contact us for a free consultation, we will be happy to give you honest advice.
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