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Omo de note

By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 1120 Views No comments

Literally "man of the night".

The most delicate job is carried out during the night, a true alchemy.
The secrets of the composition of the siliceous sand, of the alum (or Soria sand) are cherished by the master.

It is the "omo de note" (Venetian dialect for "the man of the night") who carries out the melting of glass and who lights and blows out furnaces.

The "crogioli" or slow-baking furnaces - that have different names depending on their dimensions: "palea", "ninfa" and "curisiol" -, are loaded with the compositions ordered by the master two or three times every day, each with a total amount of 500 kg of product. The compositions boils overnight and the following morning at seven o'clock

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