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Pauly & Co.

By admin 23 February 2013 18087 Views No comments

In 1902 Emilio Pauly, Alessandro Hirschberg Hellman, Ernesto Graziadei and Vittorio Emanuele Toldo established the firm Pauly & Co., specialising in marketing typically venetian articles.

In 1919 the firm is acquired from Società Anonima Sanitaria of Milan that at the same timealso purchased the C.V.M. firm, reselling both of them to Gaetano Ceschina in 1920.
The glassworks established in 1925 was called Pauly & Co., and it had to produce glasses for these two firms.
In 1963 the Pauly & Co. was sold to Luciano Barbon; then Daniela Barbon Boscaro and Andrea Boscaro.
Pauly & C. has ceased its operations in 2016.
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