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Stefano Toso

Stefano Toso
By admin 25 February 2013 94038 Views No comments

Stefano Toso was born in Venice on November 11th , 1958 into a centuries old family of glassmakers and entered into the family glass works at an early age, beginning his apprenticeship with his father Berto.

He apprenticed as a glassmaker at the A.L.T. Glassworks in 1975, and after two years followed with an apprenticeship in engraving at the F. Moretti Glassworks and later with Livio Seguso. In 1982 he opened a furnace in partnership where he perfected his art for the next 12 years trough collaboration with a series of artists such as Robert Willson, Cesar Kyohei Fujita and Lucio Bubacco.

After various experiences in all field of artistic production, he specialized in enhancing the form of glass trough precise cold work and glass etching, brought to perfection beginning in his youth trough the associations with Livio Seguso.

1977 was the year Stefano opened his state-of the art furnace and “moleria” (cold working studio) where he design and creates his own original pieces. Stefano in collaboration with master of the masters Egidio Costantini, produced some pieces inspired to the production of the famous Fucina Degli Angeli.
He currently collaborating with famous lamp work master Lucio Bubacco and together they are employing new technique to crate a very innovative collection for galleries and glass collectors worldwide.

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