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Posts tagged 'Murano glass'

The Venice Glass Week

By Admin Muranonet 11 September 2020 10534 Views No comments

Venice relaunches Murano glass.

From 2017 The Venice Glass Week festival takes place in September in Venice and in Murano.

The Venice Glass Week is an international festival dedicated to celebrating, supporting and promoting the art of glassmaking – the artistic and economic activity for which the Lagoon City has been renowned around the world for over 1,000 years.

The fourth edition will take place from 5th to 13th September 2020.

What is Murano? The Complete Guide to Murano Glass

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 9163 Views No comments

The 10 things you should know before buying a Murano glass artwork

Giovanni "Nane Catari" Ferro

By Admin Muranonet 7 March 2017 4149 Views No comments

Giovanni Ferro, known also by his surname "Nane Catari", was born in 1911 from a dynasty of master glassmakers.

What is Light good for?

By Admin Muranonet 16 February 2017 3814 Views No comments

Murano glass is a protagonist during Venice Carnival!

Murano Glass Nativity

By Admin Muranonet 21 December 2016 18653 Views No comments

Until January 18th 2017

18 Murano glass masters have created glass cribs to celebrate Christmas.
During the Holiday Season, along the Christmas Tree you’ll find a Nativity scene – presepio - in every Italian house.