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Moulaye Niang

Moulaye Niang
By admin 23 March 2015 7769 Views No comments

Moulaye Niang arrived in Venice about 10 years ago from Senegal.

First he started as a musician and painter but soon after he met glass and was utterly fascinated by it. The next consequence soon followed: Moulaye decided to work in order to pay for the lessons at the Scuola Abate Zanetti.

Being well determine, his efforts have payed off and eventually he became master glassmaker.

Together with the south tyrolean Emanuela Chimenton, designer and jewellerymaker, Moulaye opened his first and successful workshop "Muranero" in Venice.

Deeply inspired by nature, Moulaye tries to combine in his artworks colours and themes of African culture with European elements.

He’s so talented that today he is the first non-Venetian master glassmaker to be recognized as such by the Muranese and Venetian glassmasters themselves. In this video you can listen Moulaye and the great master Pino Signoretto tell this incredible adventure.

Odissey of an African glassmaker from Franco Basaglia on Vimeo.

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