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Vetrofusione & Ragazzi

Vetrofusione & Ragazzi
By Admin Muranonet 27 March 2018 1477 Views No comments

Murano’s glass history boasts a very long list of techniques as their improvements, over centuries of production and innovations.

One of the lastest technique, dates on the '30 and the is Vetro Fusione or Fusing.

Glass fusing is a technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting them: two or more pieces of glass are laid on top of each other or overlapped and are warmed until a temperature of 750-850°C (1200-1400°F) using a special oven. The process is very specific in fact glasses with different coefficients of expansion cannot be fused together, because upon the cooling process the piece would crack.

Ragazzi & C

Well known for their Center Pieces and Trinket Tray they stand out from the serial production for this constant attention to details. Also on their laboratory you can find a big variety of pieces, from the Murrine Sticks (that they also produced),bijiuox, paperweight, lampades and colorful vases usually made with a gold leaf.

They use the vetrofusione technique as they call "the sandwich way", it means, create the piece layer by layer in order to make the product thicker and earthy. You can easily identify their creation for their minimal style and the triangolar and long shapes

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