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What is Light good for?

What is Light good for?
By Admin Muranonet 16 February 2017 3832 Views No comments

Murano glass is a protagonist during Venice Carnival!

From 3pm to 5pm on Saturday 18th and Tuesday 21st February, glass masters of Signoretto Lampadari glass studio will create - in front of the audience - some projects designed by students of the Venice Arts Accademy.
All of this will be live from the gorgeous scenery that is Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice.

The event, held thanks to a collaboration between the Venice Arts Accademy and some Muranese glass studios, aims to spread the love and the knowledge of Murano glass, especially amidst the young generations. Glass and all its industry has played an important role in Venice: for its economy but also for its culture and identity.

Some of the artworks created during the event will be exhibited at "ARA - Designing contemporary Murano glass at the Venice Arts Accademy", starting from May at Palazzo Da Mula in Murano.