Connubio di vetro e ferro

This term refers specifically to the patent obtained by Umberto Bellotto in cooperation with Cesare Laurenti to produce bowls, decorative vases and other items: wrought iron is joined with blown glass. Other glass factories imitated them but results were not always at the same level.

At first, Italian critics did not appreciate the work presented by Umberto Bellotto at the Venice Biennali and at the Monza Exhibitions in the early 20s, since the usage of iron and glass together was considered almost "against nature".
Bellotto met greater success outside Italy, where he had the opportunity to succeed in some big works. This independent artist, who met with greater success at a later date, remains a unique example in the Murano glass field, because of his unconventional use of the colours provided by murrine and of the vitreous pastes that mark his works as forerunners of glass production after the second world war.
Nowadays Bellotto glasses are very appreciated and reach record prices in auctions.

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