Expert Bits About Collecting Murano Glass

MuranoNet is the biggest purveyor of Murano glass artifacts and products. Operating since 1997, we’ve earned recognition as Murano glass specialists in the market. If you’re a would-be collector or an enthusiast art collector, you’re at the right place.

As Murano glass specialists working with glass artists and furnaces, we have curated this guide for you. Here, you’ll get expert tips about collecting Murano glass and where to start.

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1. Murano Glass Doesn’t Come From Only One Factory

Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t only one factory that Murano glass comes from. There are over 100 glass factories on the Island of Murano. These family-owned furnaces have been operating there for generations.

These families pass their craft and technique to the next generation to keep the quality and tradition intact. Some of the oldest families include Seguso and Barovier, who have been operating in this field since 1397 and 1295, respectively.

2. Murano Glass Isn’t Only Affordable in Italy

Some people believe that they will get better and cheaper prices of Murano glass products if they purchase them directly in Italy. That’s actually false. The prices in Venice and Murano Island are 15-20% higher. You can get better prices and discounts from our store.

3. The Prices of Murano Glass Vary

The prices of Murano glass vary widely due to several factors. For instance, some techniques are difficult and demand a long time of production. Moreover, if a glass master is famous, the prices will hike too. Similarly, some techniques are more intricately difficult than others making the prices fluctuate.

If a piece is produced multiple times, it isn’t rare, so its price won’t be high either. However, some pieces are rare, and they have only been produced a few times. This hikes the prices because these pieces are one-of-a-kind and only for serious collectors.

4. The Value of Murano Glass Objects Appreciates Significantly

Yes, the value of rare and one-of-a-kind items does appreciate. For instance, an artifact that has only been produced 100 times, its copies will appreciate. If you purchase a vase produced 99 times, its value will appreciate as time passes.

Similarly, if a famous glass master has died, but their products are still on the market, their book value will appreciate significantly. Most of the products whose value appreciates are glass sculptures by famous masters and chandeliers.

5. Millefiori Glass is Important

You must understand that Millefiori is the most ancient method of glass treatment. It has been used to make Murano glass for hundreds of years. Millefiori means a thousand flowers, and it involves the use of decorative floral patterns infused in the glass. The glass tubes are broken, arranged, and then added to create intricate and beautiful pieces.

 Murano glass in the making

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