Murano glass in the making

Given the number of counterfeit brands claiming to sell original Murano glass products, the need for trademarks has increased. Anyone claiming to sell authentic Murano glass products has to have the Murano glass trademark to guarantee the authenticity of their products.

Although there’s no universal trademarking system, there are several trademarks that authenticate the originality of Murano glass products. Artistico is one of the trademarks that guarantees the authenticity of the product.

Let’s learn what it is.

VetroArtistico Trademark

VetroArtistico is the trademark that offers proof of origin. The trademark is the proof provided by Veneto Region. It was passed in 1994 in compliance with law 70 of the region. The trademark certifies that the product was created on the Island of Murano based on the coveted glassmaking technique. ConsorzioPromovetro manages this trademark.

The Need For Trademarking for Murano Glass

Although the impeccable craftsmanship is always prominent, sometimes you need a keen eye to tell a valueless and fake imitation from the original. If you want to avoid wasting your money on a counterfeit Murano product, you need to be aware of the trademarking system.

The original product comes with a tamper-proof seal that displays VetroArtistico® Murano with the number of producers. This trademark is the official guarantee that the product was made on Murano Island and defends the famous thousand-year-old symbol of “Made in Italy.”

The Guarantee

With this product trademark, the region of Veneto guarantees that the consumer owns an original product made on the Murano Island of Venice using traditional glassmaking techniques.

The Users

Who can use the trademark? You may wonder. Well, only businesses that comply with the standards set by the concessionaires of this trademark and lawmakers can use VetroArtistico. Businesses can apply and use the label to any part of the Murano glass product to certify that the product is original.

Trademark Management

The trademark is managed by Promovetro as appointed by the Veneto Region. The Consortium is responsible for assembling the products in Murano Island of Venice. Promovetro assesses and regulates applications of companies and their compliance with the law and later assigns the trademark, making them eligible to use the label. It also monitors the promotion and correct usage of the label.

Trademark Logo

The VetroArtistico trademark displays the logo and is produced with gold and red colors or gold and blue colors, depending on the kind of technique used in glassmaking. The top displays the Code of Concessionary Company. The label also displays the DataMatrix code and serial number to identify the product.

Murano product in the making

Where Can You Find Products with This Trademark?

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