Regular Tableware vs. Murano Glass Tableware: What’s The Difference?

Murano glass is a historical glass full of cultural heritage that sets it apart from the regular glass tableware. From its production to assembly, everything is quite different from how modern tableware is manufactured. The design itself is enough to set the tableware apart from the local design, making it unique and priceless.

These timeless Murano glass designs have their origin in Venice, Italy. This tableware is manufactured by a glass master who designs and curates the item from scratch. To buy Murano glass online, you need to be aware of a few things to ensure you don’t buy a fake product. We have just the right authentic Murano glass products for you in our store, so don’t forget to check them out.

If you’re confused between regular tableware and Murano glass tableware, then you’re in the right place. Here is how both tableware is completely different from one another.

1. Historic vs. Non-Historic

Murano glass was first manufactured in Venice, Italy, and has been the center of its production since the 8th century. Murano glass products are known for their elegance and craftsmanship throughout the world. Its feather-light weight, transparency, and brilliance set it apart from regular tableware.

If you’re looking for something to decorate your house, you should opt for Murano glass tableware rather than regular tableware. It has a rich history, while regular tableware is just a basic variation of tableware.

2. Murano is Handmade Art, and Regular Tableware is A Mass-Manufactured Commodity

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One of the many characteristics of Murano glass is that it is handmade. Although Murano glass experts have taken a modern approach to design them, it remains the best piece of art you will find on the market. It’s the glass master that brings life to a piece of glass, making it stand out from the regular tableware. The design, shape, and production method – everything is different, making it worth more than regular tableware.

3. Murano Glass is Invaluable, and Regular Tableware is Everywhere

If you’re looking for something invaluable, there’s nothing better than Murano glass. It’s not produced in industries, so it’s available everywhere. Murano glass has its origin in Venice, Italy, and is usually sourced from there only. This tableware can also vary in financial worth and definitely has a sentimental value attached to it. This tableware is worth much more than regular tableware.

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