What Should You Consider Before Buying Murano Glass From A Store?

Buying Murano glass online is not a piece of cake. Hundreds of websites will promise you authentic products; however, most of them won’t be worth it. Finding the right Murano glass product that will lift the ambiance of your house is quite difficult, but not impossible.

For years, we have catered to the demands and requirements of our clients by sourcing and delivering original Murano glass products. We have a wide range of products available in our store, including corporate executive Christmas gifts, Murano glass sculptures, Venetian glass chandeliers, Tiffany double pendant necklaces, and much more. We also have a showroom in Italy to showcase our enormous collection to clients.

If you’re purchasing Murano glass products for the first time, here’s what you need to know about it.

1. Does It Look Unique to You?

Every other Murano product is unique as they are handmade. It’s also one of the ideal ways to recognize if the product you’re purchasing is real or not. If there are plenty of similar products in the same shop, then there’s a huge chance that they are all industry-made. A true Murano glass product cannot be replicated perfectly.

Make sure to look for unique products sourced directly from Murano Island. The craftsmanship of original products is far superior to the ones mass-manufactured in industries. You will instantly recognize them.

2. Is the Price According to Murano Glass Standards?The lights made up of Murano glass

Murano glass products are expensive, so if someone is offering you the same at a low cost, then it’s not worth buying. Fake products are made in bulk quantities that steal the uniqueness and elegance of the product.

Imperfection makes a Murano product worth every penny, so make sure you’re paying the right amount for the product.

3. Is There a Certificate of Origin?

All Murano products come with a certificate of origin that states the name of the glass Master, artwork details, and all necessary information. If the shop owner cannot show a certificate of origin, then you should avoid buying Murano glass from there.

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When it comes to buying Murano glass, you have to make sure to pay attention to detail. The details about the originality of the product are hidden inside its imperfection. Often websites promise authentic products, but they are far from it.

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