Murano Glass Furniture: A Symbol of Luxury and Class

Murano glass furniture depicts true Venetian craftsmanship as artists spend days and nights curating one fine piece of Murano glass. Ancient techniques, passed on from generation to generation, are used to make Venetian glass furniture. The designs cannot be replicated as well since all designs are handmade only. The true characteristic of Murano furniture is that you cannot find another identical piece of furniture anywhere else.

At MuranoNet, we cater to all requirements of our clients. If you want to decorate your house with elegance and uniqueness, buy Murano glass online. Murano glass furniture is a true symbol of luxury and class.

Here are some beautiful products made up of Murano glass that you must try at all costs.

1. Venetian-Style Night Table

A night table adds to the overall beauty of the room. This night table is made of wood parts with antique gold leaves. The table is a mixture of silver and gold made with ancient Murano glass techniques. Murano glass itself looks beautiful, so you won't need a lot to decorate your room if you buy this night table. The night table speaks of uniqueness, so make sure to add this to your room.  


2. Red Flying Devil in the Stand

A unique yet appealing stand in the room is all you need to uplift the entire room's ambiance. This Red Flying Devil in the Stand by Stefano Busato is a mind-blowing piece of art made up of Murano glass. Busato has carried his father's traditions, and all his art speaks of it. This piece of art will stand out in the room if used in the right way.

Red flying devil made up of Murano glass

3. Flower Candle Holder – Red

Do you like to ignite a few candles in your room? If yes, then you're in luck.

There's nothing better than a candle holder made up of Murano glass. It's handmade using the blown glass technique with body and candle both. The candle holder can be placed in any corner of your house as a home décor piece for an elegant touch. This candle holder is also available in different colors, so make sure to grab this piece for your house.

Buy Unique Home Décor Items Online from MuranoNet

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We also sent a certificate of origin with all our products stating the craftsman's name, day of crafting, and other essential details. We customize products according to the client's preference as well. We also have a showroom in Italy to showcase some of our exceptional products made with Murano glass.

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