Murano Glass Sculptures to Soothe Your Artistic Eye

You must have heard of the word “collectible” for Murano glass items. That’s simply because Murano glass is beautiful to look at and has years of legacy associated with it. The glass is still made with the many ancient glass-making techniques the Muranese used in the past. The Millefiori glass comes with an ancient glass coloring technique. The same goes for murine glasses manufactured in Murano.

We agree Murano glass has great quality, but what makes it so precious? It’s the authentic Venetian glass label that accompanies authentic Murano glass products.

Are you a collector of authentic art pieces worldwide? There has to be a Murano glass sculpture in your fine collection.

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Have a look at some fine Murano glass sculptures here.

The Prancing White Horse

The prancing white horse is often associated with sheer strength and courage. It’s also a sign of speed and valor. Your house décor items will look even more aesthetic with an exquisite transparent sculpture of the prancing horse. The sculpture is beautiful to look at, with serene fine detailing. The sculpture is perfect for your living and dining room.

Pair your Murano glass sculptures with awe-inspiring and elegant glass chandeliers made of Murano glass. Contact MuranoNet for details about authentic Murano glass product and their complete shipment details.

Contemporary Art Glass

These sculptures are better for contemporary houses. They are usually asymmetrical glassware that is extremely elegant to look at. Contemporary art glass, the Murano Claw, is a homage to the glass-making technique introduced by maestro Barbini. The sculpture is made using the sbruffi glass-making technique.

The piece retails at €2735 and comes with a MuranoVitrum guarantee.

 Murano contemporary glass art

Murano Glass Figurines

Compared to other sculptures, figurines require a greater dedication to the art. They need more perspective than objects and more attention to detail. No wonder they are a bit more pricey than other Murano glass products. Devil figurines made of authentic Venetian glass are exquisite in terms of appearance. They cherish the delicacy of figurine art with the glossy glass piece making the figurine look more attractive than ever!

Figurine glass art is often inspired by myth, folklore, ancient art, and symbolism.


Your aesthetic house deserves Murano glassware that is high-quality and made by the maestros of Murano artistry. Explore more sculptures, multi-colored Murano lights, and big flower vases at MuranoNet. With a legacy of glass making, the store directly deals with Murano glassmakers in Murano. Our glass products come in reliable packaging and delivery services.  Book your favorite sculpture now!

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