Murano glass sculpture

Glass sculptures can be a beautiful addition to your home. They are elegant, grand, and serve as a status symbol. A Murano glass sculpture can add beauty, class, and interest to a living space like no other artwork.

However, it's also an art to find the right glass sculpture and a perfect place to display this piece of art. Especially if you're constrained by limited space, you may not know where to start.

Here's how you can display your Murano glass sculpture at home.

5 Ways to Display Murano Glass Sculpture

Follow our expert guide to show off your glass sculpture.

1. Display Several Sculptures Together

If you have an empty shelf or a table, you can display several of your Murano glass sculpture collection together. It's an excellent idea because the more, the merrier. If you can't find a space to place all your sculptures together, you can place them at the entrance or dining table as a centerpiece.

2. Hang From Ceiling

Another great way to display your Murano glass sculptures is to hang them from the ceiling. If you want the sculpture to be near eye-level but limited to no wall space, hanging the sculpture is a better option. This way, the sculpture is within eye level to be seen but doesn't occupy valuable space in your home.

3. Use Display Cases

Display cases are used to place Murano glass sculptures. You can place them in your bedroom and living room to draw attention. The cases come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and materials depending on the sculpture's size, type, and shape.

The display case is ideal for showing off your Murano glass sculpture. You and your guests can admire the visual appeal of the sculpture without having to touch it. However, a display case is not a suitable option if your wall has artwork because the case will hide away from the wall.

4. Display Stand

A mirrored art stand is the standard display tool that can be used to place the glass sculpture. These stands are ideal for displaying glass sculptures that are rare and highly valued. The mirrored stand will complement the art piece and enhance the visual appeal of the glass sculpture.

You can find standard stands in plenty of variety. Mirror ear is one of the display stands to show one-of-a-kind art pieces. It reflects each curve and feature of the artwork with great prominence.

5. At Entryway

You can also use your spruce up your entrance by displaying Murano glass sculptures. The accent tables at the entryway are the best place to display the glasswork. This way, you can revitalize the otherwise boring entrance and adorn the corner with impressive glasswork.

 Murano glass figurine

No matter the type of glass sculpture, any art piece can instantly revamp your entrance if you display a Murano glass sculpture. You can buy glass statues and sculptures online at MuranoNet. We also offer decorative glass sculptures and Murano glass sculptures for sale. Browse our store or reach out to us today!