A Favor is an expression of love. Is the best way to demonstrate your guest how much you appreciate being with you. Don’t leave it at the end in the ‘To do List.

1. Be practical

Leave out all the useless wedding favors. Free your guest to the guilty of throw out useless gifts or hide them. Try to make something worthwhile that they can really use at the same time brings back good memories of the party.

Shot Glasses
Shot Glasses

2. Wheter practical, beatiful

If you are more stylish and glamours and prefer to choose something just for its beauty it’s also perfect. We highly recommend pick something that fits with your wedding decoration style a nd the palette of colors. Moreover make the favour noticed by the unique design and originality.

Love Gondola

Double flower plant

3. Make them feel special...

In some countries is the tradition give a special favor to the testimonies or to close friends and family. Usually is a more significant present that response to the love that precedes and accompanies . Either is a local tradition or not, you always can start a new custom!

The Lovers

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