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Jewels make us special, express our deeper inner self and take us back to atmospheres and moment that we would never forget.

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What’s more important than light in our life? Nothing! And that’s why we have chosen for you precious and exclusive lighting sources.

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Make your home unique with Murano glass creations shaped and polished by hand, with a strong identity made of color and materials that convey authenticity.

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For those who think that glass is a fragile material that can be used for a few purposes, an exclusive selection of furniture to make everyday special.

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Don't miss the opportunity to buy a Murano glass artwork at a special price: find the best offer and take advantage of oux exclusive deals.

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We have selected the best creators of beauty: artisans and companies that bring to life outstanding artworks.

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If you are looking for new and catchy ideas for your clients, your workers or your cooperators, this is the right service for you!

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Unfold Venice Posts

  • Martin Blank

    August 29, 1962 -Sharon, Massachusetts, Stati UnitiAmerican glass artist. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1984 with a BFA with a major in glass.

  • Sylvain Larrière

    Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, 1962One constant feature of Sylvain Larrière’s sculpture is that they open, thus developing another dimension in space and unveiling a universe...

  • The Venice Glass Week

    Venice relaunches Murano glass.From 2017 The Venice Glass Week festival takes place in September in Venice and in Murano.The Venice Glass Week is an internation...

  • The Colours of Murano in the XIX Century

    Author: Reino Lie Bova, Aldo, Rossella Junck, Puccio Migliaccio (ed.); Attilia Dorigato PaperbackPublisher: Arsenale + Junck / Antiques collectors' Club, Venezia (199...


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