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Jewels make us special, express our deeper inner self and take us back to atmospheres and moment that we would never forget.

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What’s more important than light in our life? Nothing! And that’s why we have chosen for you precious and exclusive lighting sources.

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Make your home unique with Murano glass creations shaped and polished by hand, with a strong identity made of color and materials that convey authenticity.

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For those who think that glass is a fragile material that can be used for a few purposes, an exclusive selection of furniture to make everyday special.

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Don't miss the opportunity to buy a Murano glass artwork at a special price: find the best offer and take advantage of oux exclusive deals.

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We have selected the best creators of beauty: artisans and companies that bring to life outstanding artworks.

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If you are looking for new and catchy ideas for your clients, your workers or your cooperators, this is the right service for you!

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Unfold Venice Posts

  • Antonio Vaccari s.r.l.

    The Vaccari have been active in the production and sale of Venetian pearls since the nineteenth century.

  • Andrea Tagliapietra

    Andrea Tagliapietra was born in Murano in the 50s and he started working the glass at the age of 14 following the footsteps of his father Erminio, at that time one of the mos...

  • Pino Signoretto

    Pino Signoretto is recognised as the most prominent glass artist and sculptor not only in Murano but also in the world. What seemed and was impossibl...

  • Valter Rossi

    "Glass, this magical material that pushes me every day to improve myself to reach a perfection that I will never reach.""The master glassmaker


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