Christmas Shopping For The Hard-To-Please

What do you buy for the people who have everything? An even bigger concern is what you buy for the people who don't like most things. No matter how much you love the Christmas spirit, the shopping can be intense. This year, keep it efficient and convenient by buying Murano Christmas presents online with MuranoNet.

From modern and elegant glass chandeliers to necklaces and pendants, our eCommerce platform has it all. We're the first to offer home delivery for Venetian glass, and all our stock comes with our guarantee of authenticity. When you shop with us, it's hard not to be bewitched into forgetting about the gifts and shopping for yourself, but our unique home decor items and accessories make amazing gifts for family and business associates.

A Murano Christmas gift is more than a fine glass item, it carries centuries of historical technique, culture, and artisan.

Serenissima Watch

This watch comes in a cuff bracelet style that opens with a spring, and while it looks delicate, the glass is quite sturdy. As you tell the time, you'll notice the gorgeous Murrinas surrounding the watch head. Glass masters work hard to merge these mosaic-like floral pieces into a smooth, clean surface.

It should fit all wrists and is available in nine colors. No two watches are alike, as the design is handmade on each piece and never replicated.

Murano Bike

This bike is quirky, adorable, and classy. It's designed to prop itself up, and it's made on a "lume". This lampworking technique is a Muranese art that has developed over generations into a globally renowned method.

The colors of the bike will be different from what is shown in the picture as they're chosen by the artists. This makes a great centerpiece or desk decoration, and when you display it, you know it's the only one of its kind. As far as Christmas corporate gifts go, this is a winner.

Murrina Pendant With Swarovski

This necklace is embedded with Swarovski crystals and was made by combining cold pieces of glass. Once the artist has made a pattern, the entire mosaic is placed in a kiln, softening the glass and allowing them to merge. This technique was revived in the 19th century and is referred to as millefiori, meaning a thousand flowers.

This necklace is the product of generations of trade secrets and hard work. Although it's made of glass, it contains enough layers, so you don't have to worry about it cracking easily.

MuranoNet has incredible blown glass pendant lights, Tiffany double pendants and necklaces, and large crystal chandeliers for high ceilings. These items can be made to order, or you can buy what's in stock. With gifts that come with such historic significance and artistic taste, you can't go wrong. We deliver to over 200 countries and depending on your location, you might get free delivery.

Click here to get in touch with us, and we'd be happy to discuss any customizations.

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