Maurizio Asti
Born in 1962 in Murano, where he currently works for the Ars Cenedese glassworks.
In 1977, at the age of 15, he began as an apprentice at Ars Cenedese in contact with the great master Fabio Tosi.
Through this experience he developed his skills and raised Master Tosi's ideas to an even higher level.
He became passionate about the Sommerso technique, with which he achieves the effect of color suspended in light by first applying a colored overlay to a crystal core and then encasing the piece in crystal, separating a sequence of overlays that appear to float within.
Maurizio also developed new ideas in glass sculpture, and his realizations of abstract shapes using the superimposition technique are simply breathtaking.
Currently the collaboration between the masters Asti and tosi is focused on producing produce some traditional Roman and other modern pieces using the Scavo technique, which by applying different types of minerals to molten glass gives the objects a matte finish that mimics the natural oxidation process of glass over time.

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