Cleto Munari
Cleto Munari was born in Gorizia on June 7th, 1930. 
His career as a designer began in the 1970s, when his encounters with important figures in the world of architecture ignited his passion for art and design.
The Cleto Munari Company was established in the early 1970s, initially producing luxury items such as silverware, jewelry, and watches. Over the years, the company expanded its range to include glass, ceramics, furniture, carpets, and leather objects.
The company collaborated with renowned architects, designers, and artists, including Carlo Scarpa and Ettore Sottsass, to create its unique designs. The company's first Silver Collection was launched in 1982 and included designs by many famous artists. 
The collection was so successful that it was exhibited in important contemporary art galleries and museums worldwide and entered the permanent collections of institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA in New York. The Cleto Munari Company also produced a Jewel Collection in 1985, a Watch Collection in 1987, and a Glass Collection in 1990. In 2004, the company collaborated with Nobel Prize winners for literature to create a limited edition Five Pens Collection.
The Veronese Glass Collection was established in 2002 to showcase the distinct interpretations of 10 renowned artists, including Cleto Munari, on the iconic Il Veronese glass vase - a masterpiece of Murano art. The esteemed group of creators involved in this project comprises R. Meier, M. Fucksas, A. Mendini, M. Thun, M. Paladino, P. Portoghesi, D. Palterer, M. Botta, B. Sipek, C. Nason, and Cleto Munari himself. The collection comprises only 49 limited and numbered pieces.
Throughout its history, the company has maintained its focus on beautiful and innovative designs created in collaboration with exceptional artists and artisans.

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