Vibration Sculpture Alfredo Barbini, 1960. Multi-layered opalescent glass in shades of yellow and blue with two large bubble inclusions. Courtesy of David Huchthausen.

Where: Museum of Glass - Tacoma - USA

When: JULY 2, 2022
Until: APRIL 9, 2023
Curated by: Susan Warner.

This is the first time the 70 pieces David Huchthausen's collection of Alfredo Barbini's work has been brought together with the intent of reexamining his legacy. Don't miss your chance to learn about the fascinating work of Barbini.

More than 70 pieces by celebrated master glassmaker Alfredo Barbini (1912-2007) will be on display at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.
The collection, part of a gift made by David Huchthausen, showcases Barbini's exceptional skill and playful creativity. His works are characterized by mid-century modern minimalism and an imaginative, elegant yet witty aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from his love of nature, particularly aquatic creatures, birds, and animals, Barbini's pieces highlight the charm, beauty, and incomparable design of these elements. In addition, her observations of the human form, classical literature and exploration of foibles and tragedies are inspirational.

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