Cristiano Toso

Cristiano Toso was born in Venice on 7 March 1971.

Since he was a child he lives on the island of Murano, and breathes the

tradition in a natural way.

Very young, at 14, he left school and immediately entered the famous furnace of Pino Signoretto.

Only a week remains because the great master needs a big and strong boy to be helped in the realization of his majestic works.

Cristiano is a tall and very thin boy, he cannot yet compete with anyone in the famous Signoretto's atelier, not even as a servant. It has neither the experience nor the necessary strength.

He spent a few years at the renowned Seguso Vetri d’Arte factory. His training begins. Here everything that is created is elegant and immediately refines the taste in serving good and expert masters, mostly in the production of beautiful lamps, chandeliers, vases, cups, glasses, sculptures.
He learns directly on the technical and design field, secrets and tradition. The factory becomes the school of his life.

The pilgrimage from one factory to another is an integral part of the formation of any glassmaker.

In this way we learn the different techniques and processes. The manual skills of the various masters can be absorbed. Little by little he learn. The sum of the lived experiences form the artist. Cristiano is ready to change again.

In Mirco D’Este, Cristiano recognizes his first true teacher. Deepens the technique of the "Filigrana", of the "Zanfirico". He produces small precious objects, finely crafted as in the ancient technique of the island.

After a few years he entered the Berto Mattiello factory known as "Geremia". Here are priduced glasses and light types such as air, elegant vases, prestigious collections. It is a light and precise work. Enriches his knowledge and dexterity. It is a work of sensitivity that suits his character.

Before 2000 he arrived at Ars Murano srl. With the masters Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Mariano Moro , the world of modern artistic glass opens up, the "Solid Glass". The pieces are definitely heavier and more imposing, requiring strength and physical performance as well as sensitivity in the realization.

Currently Cristiano Toso is "Master Glassmaker" at Ars Murano srl. He lives with his family and works on the island of Murano.

  • James Schmitt
    Apr 06, 2024 at 14:09

    Just received my piece, cornamusa, created by Christiano. It is truly a work of art. He more than exceeded my expectations. He is a master craftsman.

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