Paolo Crepax

Murano Venezia 1960.
Paolo at the tender age of 10 years starts working with the master glassmaker Livio Seguso , then in 1966 at the age of 16 the Maestro Fulvio Scarpa gave him his first rule of "Maestro" until 1973.

Then Maestro Paolo Crepax begins an independent path and opens a furnace the Vetreria Clown Murano thanks also to the interest of foreign customers on the marketing of the characteristic item of Venice in that period.
The production of clown clowns, Goldoniane Venetian ladies and other souvenirs begins.
It was the beginning of a real production in the assembly line and it had reached a maximum production of 1160 clowns a day by engaging a "square" (working group) of 16 people.
Products that 80% were exported.


In 1978 the global foreign market crisis gave rise to new tariffs which accounted for 30% of the costs and the export of souvenirs was no longer a sustainable market.

In 1979, Paolo Crepax, an innovator and immersed in the vital artistic life of the Venice of time, transformed Clown srl glassware into "FILIGRANA srl" with a new corporate structure with an artistic orientation towards and in particular the "Filigrana" workmanship. an experimental path in the world of lighting and objects and begins a successful production with the technique of Filigrana and other precious artistic works.

In 1984 Paolo Crepax began to increase quality by focusing on contemporary creativity.
In 1985 Paolo Crepax participated with his works internationally and won first prize in Dusseldorf, Barcelona, New York, Paris. Among the prizes one must mention the "Premio Murano 1985" competition, in particular a 70cm diameter plate "Homage to Miro". The jury of the award was made up of people of culture as well as masters Alfredo Barbini , Archimede Seguso , Ermanno Nason and Livio Seguso .

In 1986 with the Painter Riccardo Shwaizer First prize at "Premio Murano 1986".

In 1989 Paolo Crepax meets Ottavio Missoni and Mila Schoon in Venice for which he made 2 innovative collections.

In 1990 Paolo Crepax began working for established companies such as Firma di Vetro, Leucos , Artemide, Vistosi , OtyLight.

"After 54 years of work for me it is as if it were still the first day I could not help but work this extraordinary and fascinating material an art that does not make you sleep at night get up at 3 in the morning sketch a drawing and see it materialized in glass even more beautiful finish the job Friday and wait tremendously on Monday to resume "Living"

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  • Julie Epron
    Jun 22, 2022 at 17:18


    I found in an antic shop, a tall vase cobalt blue and smoked purple. It looks recent, and it is signed Paolo Crepax at the bottom, but also A. Riecke on the vase neck.
    Did Paolo Crepax make some reeditions of Anatole Riecke vases ?
    May I send you a picture of this vase ?
    Thank you for your help

    Kind regards
    Julie Epron

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