Fabio Tagliapietra

Fabio Tagliapietra was born in Venice on 07th Nov 1978. He comes from a dynasty of glass maestros. He started his career at the age of 14 with his father Andrea at the Vetreria Arte 80 in 1992.

He had his first collective exhibitions in 1999 at the “Bevilacqua La Masa” foundation.

In 2000 he cooperated with the artist Ulderico Rossetto at the atelier Maestri Muranesi where he honed his shaping and blowing techniques. After this important cooperation he realized his first big blown sculptures.

In 2001 he started the production of vetro massello with one of the most esteemed glass masters in Murano, Silvano Signoretto. In this period Fabio had his most important professional growth. Silvano knows most of the secrets of the ancient techniques and soon he realized that Fabio had the qualities and the talent to become depositary of his knowledge.

After this cooperation Fabio continued his artistic an commercial production with Mario Badioli and his son Francesco Badioli.

Lately Fabio and his father Andrea Tagliapietra worked together in order to realize some sculptures exhibited to the Biennale delle Arti Visive (Villa Farsetti – Venice centre).


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