In the fascinating atmosphere of the island of Murano, set between the sea and the mainland, the Formia glass factory is one of the brightest gems in the panorama of art glass.

For over forty years, Formia has been synonymous with Murano art glass and a guarantee of fine workmanship.

Born in 1962 out of the committed work and long-standing experience of two master glassmakers, Formentello and Mian, along the years Formia has attracted many other master glassmakers, and now numbers ten teams, headed by the masters helped by sixty skilled assistants.
Formia is now one of the most important glass factories in Murano, whose greatness is founded on the pivotal position given to the glass artowork in all its multifaceted expressive potentialities.

Passion, creativity, and accuracy in all details, are Formia’s winning points, from the starting ideas and projects drafted by qualified designers, to the realization of the single glass pieces, blown and crafted in full respect of the secrets of a thousand-year- long tradition.

Each element is produced with great care and love, no matter how small and simple the object.
The same attention is given to large glass sculptures, artworks, complete and exclusive glassware lines that Formia offers to the collectors, connoisseurs, and retailers throughout the world that feel and admire the beauty and elegance of Murano art glass.

Formia is tradition in evolution: while adopting classic techniques and traditional workmanship, the company has a modern and streamlined organization that projects it into the future and makes it particularly suited to meet even the most discriminating demands for things of beauty.

Formia is not just a name among others. It is today’s link between the past and the new markets, reaching out to those who want to share some of Murano glass history by acquiring a piece of it.
Formia is a modern company that has implemented all the technological innovations required by current standards and regulations, and is now in the position of placing on the market the full potential offered by Murano glassware produced, according to the most rigorous glassmaking tradition.


  • Jenny Cox
    Mar 27, 2024 at 12:41


    Do you have a glass maker named
    s. Puccini

    Thank you

  • Ed Rauer
    Jan 05, 2023 at 14:50

    I recently acquired a Formia Murano love knot numbered 117/450 .could you give me a bit of history about when it was made and the artist that made it?
    Thank you in advance!
    Ed Rauer

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