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Founded in 1925 on Fondamenta Vetrai, Nason & Moretti is a renowned Murano glass company with a rich heritage. Vincenzo Nason and his cousins Ugo and Francesco Moretti established the company, seamlessly blending the ancient traditions of Murano glass with modern design aesthetics.

The exquisite creations of Nason & Moretti are brought to life through the art of mouth-blowing, a technique that has garnered international acclaim and numerous prestigious awards. These exceptional glass pieces grace esteemed tables worldwide, including the Quirinale, the residence of the President of the Italian Republic, showcasing the company's embodiment of authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Nason & Moretti glassworks was established in 1925, a significant period during which glass artists transitioned from 19th-century traditionalism to the evolving taste of the 20th century. In 1949, the company became solely owned by the Nason family, whose roots in Murano trace back to the 15th century.

Initially specializing in lamps with clean and elegant lines, Nason & Moretti soon expanded its production to include exquisite tableware. The beauty of their tableware lies in the harmonious synthesis of proportions, forms, thickness, and color choices. The attention to detail sets Nason & Moretti's glasses and goblets apart from mass-produced items, highlighting the invaluable craftsmanship of skilled glassmasters.

In the late 1940s, the Nason family acquired the Moretti family's share, incorporating their name into the brand. This union of Muranese expertise, craftsmanship, and a reverence for traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge design principles has proven to be a winning strategy for Nason & Moretti, earning them numerous international accolades. The company's first prestigious award, the coveted Compasso D'oro (Golden Compass) from the Triennale, was bestowed upon them in Milan in 1955.

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