How To Ensure You Don't Get Tricked Into Buying Counterfeit Murano Glass Products?

People have tried to steal or copy the centuries-old craft of making Murano glass from the Venetians. Generations of glass blowers on the island of Murano usually pass down skills and knowledge about the craft from generation to generation. These families in Murano are the keepers of the secrets of centuries-old glassblowing traditions.

Families in Murano, Italy, keep their craft a well-guarded secret and teach it to their descendants.Youngsters, as small as 12, accompany their parents and grandparents to the kiln to lend a hand and learn the craft of glassblowing. This guarantees that important information and old secrets are never shared with the wrong people.

Because of its global popularity, Murano glass is often the target of forgeries and knockoffs.A great deal of harm is done to the reputation of Murano's artistic productions as well as the expectations of its admirers when items that aren't authentic are sold under the pretence of genuine Murano glass in shops, galleries, and online.

Instead, they have a cheap and common glass item typically made in an industrial setting in China or elsewhere in Eastern Europe. That leaves us with the question, how can one determine whether or not a piece of glassware is authentic Murano?Let's find out.

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1. Every Murano Glass Piece Is One-Of-A-Kind

The one-of-a-kind nature of the pieces precludes their mass production in an assembly line, as no two items can be exactly the same. Consider how a few details set this one apart. You can spot them yourself if you possess a good eye, or you may ask the vendor to demonstrate. Take note of the opulence of the colours: very few pieces of Murano Glass are clear. By focusing on the glass's inherent flaws, you can see the artist's skill at work.

Even if a mould is used, you can tell that each finished product is special because of the craftsman's individual touches. For instance, the master's choice of colour palette for each piece of glassware plays a role.


2. Selling Price Matters

Authentic Murano Glass is an expensive luxury that may beout of reach ofsome people. The excellence of the ornaments, such as 24-karat gold, platinum, silver leaf, alexandrite, semi-precious stones, and so on, define authentic Murano glass. These supplies come at a known price and necessitate the use of specialised techniques that call for plenty of effort and persistence before they can be put to good use.

Therefore, if a product's cost is extremely low compared to others (particularly for jewellery, figurines, and pots), it is unlikely to have been manufactured with the resources and skills of the original Murano tradition.Most of the time, if the costs are really low, it is because fake ornaments have been utilised in place of the real ones.

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3. Authentication Documents

To make sure you get the real deal when buying Murano glassware, the item must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the seller or, better still, by the artist who made the piece.


The VetroArtistico® Murano logo guarantees that the glass was created in Venice and can be found on the outside of the vast majority of authentic Murano glass.Based on the form or texture of the product, the logo may be shown in various ways.You can request alternative authentication documents such as certifications or guarantee cards if no labels are present.

4. Artist's Signature

Check to see if the work bears the signature of its creator. In most cases, the artist's signature will be engraved on the surface of the glass object. If there is no visible indication on the glass, inquire with the vendor.A product's value increases when the artist's signature accompanies it. Get the artisans' history on the piece, and compare the signature to other works by the same artist to ensure its authenticity.

Looking something up on the internet is always a good idea. However, it is important to remember that even the sign itself can be a forgery. Thus, it doesn't offer the buyer complete security. It is also important to remember that glassware such as wine glasses, Venetian mirrors, goblets, and chandeliers are not normally signed.

5. Inspect The Colour Used

When purchasing a genuine piece of Murano glass, it is recommended that you inquire about the method of production utilised. Keep an eye out for the glass's colour; several low-cost vendors sell the items with glass colour sprayed on the exterior using spray varnish, a technique commonly employed to sell low-priced crystal chandeliers and vases.

Traditional Murano Glass practices call for colouring the clear and matte glass while it is still in the furnace. You can do a quick test to determine if the varnish will burn off by passing a flame across the surface with a standard lighter. A professional salesperson will be familiar with every step of manufacturing Murano glass works of art and will be able to explain the processes that the glassblowersemployed.

6. Read Customer Reviews

Lastly, we have the feedback section.Check the vendor's internet ratings and reviews. Do some research online to learn more about the vendor's credibility, the artist's work, the product's quality, and so on. You can learn from the insights and expertise of other buyers by reading about their experiences and recommendations online.

Examine their differences to ensure that you are making the right purchase. It's important to research before making any purchases, but this is especially true for major purchases.Be cautious as you are investing in a work of art.

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