How To Win Secret Santa With A Little Bit Of Italy

At work or with friends, Secret Santa brings out the Christmas spirit in all of us, and a little bit of that competitive spirit. It doesn't stop there. When you find out who the lucky recipient is, you don't want to get them just anything. That's where MuranoNet comes in. We can help you hit the jackpot with Murano Secret Santa gifts.

Needless to say, our stock is a treasure trove of Christmas gifts that are so much better than a mug, although we do have hand-blown goblets. We're one of the first platforms where you can buy Murano glass online, and our unique home decor items are more than pretty pieces.

Each item is one-of-a-kind and made with special attention to detail by artisans following the traditional techniques that have been developing for centuries. These glass statues and sculptures are all made on the island of Murano and are never mass-produced. You can get a contract with us and place orders for custom business gifts for employees, clients, or even just yourself. Or you can browse our stock and see what we have available.

Here are some of our choicest options:

The Millefiori Menagerie

Millefiori is a Muranese technique, and the word translates to "a thousand flowers". It's similar to a mosaic, but in glassworking, it involves fusing many pieces to create unique patterns and designs in the finished product. This method was almost lost to history in the eighteenth century but was fortunately rediscovered in the nineteenth.

On our site, you'll find animals ranging from lobsters to ducks with vibrant and floral designs worked into them. They're made on a lume, which means that one glass master works on the piece from start to finish to create the smooth glassy exterior that we love. This series of pets can be tailored to your preferences, meaning the dominant color can be changed. They can also be customized according to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us to check the feasibility.

Necklaces And Pendants

If the recipient of your Murano Secret Santa gift is a jewelry fan, then introduce them to the world of hand-blown glass pendants and necklaces. Our selection offers quirky options, like a crystal clear pendant shaped like a bag of water containing a single goldfish, while we also have some modern elegant glass options. Get their initials surrounded by Murinnas, or beaded necklaces with each bead delicately fused with 24K gold.

The Collectibles

These are great for when you don't know the receiver too well. The collectibles can be kept tabletop to add some color to spaces and are available in designs including red hearts, fruit, clowns, and candy. Who doesn't love candy?


MuranoNet has stunning art glass pendant lights, Fornasa glasses, and large glass vases. No matter the occasion, these certified and authenticated items are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives them. Place your orders now to ensure you get the best in stock, and get in touch with us here if you have any questions.

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