Reorganize Home Before Christmas with Murano Glass Home Décor and 5 Other Items

With Christmas around the corner, most homeowners have already started remodeling and reorganizing their living spaces.

If you haven’t mustered enough courage to organize your home yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This post is a simple guidebook on how to reorganize your home to make it Christmas-ready.

It’s time to purge your space before the Holidays. You’ll need Murano glass home décor items to spruce up your space for Christmas, along with organizational skills to declutter your home.

Explore the Murano glass home décor item collection to find fine pieces of art, and read this guide to kickstart your Christmas preps if you haven’t already.

6 Items to Reorganize Your Home Before Christmas

Be sure to get all these items, so you’re ready before Christmas and guests arrive:

1. Murano Glass Home Décor Items

Home décor is the first thing you should think about when looking to revamp your space for Christmas. It should exude a cozy and spacious vibe all at the same time. Fortunately, you can do that with Murano glass home décor items below:

Venetian Mirrors

Murano glass Venetian mirrors surpass any trend with their timeless effects. They can embellish any living space with their touch of classic elegance.

Venetian mirrors can do everything if you want to spruce up your interior with contemporary or antique mirrors. They effortlessly blend in with any architectural design – be it rustic, traditional, modern, minimal or bohemian.

Venetian Furniture

Bring a piece of Venice to your home with this Venetian-style furniture. An expression of premium-quality Italian artwork, each furniture piece is made in a Venetian furnace. It’s a result of long working hours and the hard work of many glass masters.

If you want to change your living room furniture just in time for Christmas, now’s the time to do that. These Venetian furniture pieces will add a touch of refined and rich beauty to your living space.

2. Cabinet Door Organizer

You’ll need cutting boards to prepare those Christmas meals, won’t you? The cabinet door organizer will keep all your cutting boards in one place so you can reach and store them easily.

These organizers come with built-in hooks, whereas others feature screws to secure them in one place. Besides your cutting boards, you can also store foil, cookie sheets and other supplies in them.

3. Fine Dining Set

It’s time to take out your fine China and other crockery items from the top shelves. Christmas is the time to share delectable meals and wholesome times.

Make sure all the crockery sets are organized. Are all the sets together, or is a dining crockery set missing a plate? Organize them on shelves that you can access instantly during Christmas dinners.

4. Murano Glass Tableware

You’ll need tableware such as wine stoppers, drinkware, candle holders and bottles to serve beverages to guests. Murano glass tableware includes essential items that can add a touch of sophistication to your center tables and interior.

Whether it is Gustav Klimt-inspired glasses, unique candle holders or colorful wine stoppers, these pieces will leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can also use these items as Christmas presents for your friends and family.

5. New Cutlery

How’s the cutlery situation at home? If you host a lot of dinners and parties during the Holiday season, you might want to invest in premium quality cutlery sets. Otherwise, you can borrow them from your friends or neighbors.

Silverware is a must-have for Christmas gatherings so everyone can eat the delicious meals you prepare for them.

6. Christmas Decorations

Most people reuse their Christmas decorations to save money, but you need separate storage to keep them organized. Take out your Christmas decorations to separate them by color or style.

Alternatively, you can purchase new Christmas decorations that will last you a lifetime without needing much effort. Murano glass ornamental pieces are all handmade on Murano Island. Miniature Christmas trees, balls, baubles and other décor items will surely inspire the Christmas spirit around your home.

How to Reorganize Your Home Before Christmas?

Now that you have all the necessary items, follow these tips to reorganize your home before Christmas arrives:

Clean Out Freezer & Refrigerator

It’s time to stop procrastinating and empty the freezer and fridge. Clean out the shelves and drawers, and take out the trash that you no longer need. Expired items and food that have been sitting in your fridge for so long. You’ll need that space for Christmas meals anyway.

Organize Pantry

You’ll also need space in your pantry for Christmas meals and to store surprise snacks for your guests. Old jars, packed food items and stuff that doesn’t seem appetizing anymore need to go.

Clean Bathrooms and Guest Rooms

Don’t put this off for so long. Clean the bathrooms and guest rooms if you’re expecting family from other cities and states. If you use your guestroom for other ventures, such as sewing or crocheting projects, it’ll need much tidying up.

Open the room to let the fresh air in and deep clean every nook and cranny, so it’s warm and cozy for your guests. The same goes for the guest bathroom. Replenish toiletries, towels and linens and take out empty products.

Clean the Kitchen

Your microwave needs a good cleaning. Dust the lighting fixtures, scrub the cabinets and deep clean your dishwasher. Your kitchen will get a lot of workout during Christmas with all the cooking and foot traffic. Make sure it’s ready for the hit.

 Get Ready for Christmas In Time with MuranoNet

Make your home warm and cozy for your guests and Holidays. MuranoNet is a place to buy decorative hanging lights, unique home décor items and replacement glass light shades for home online.

We offer Murano glass home décor, drinkware and furniture items so you can revamp your home just in time for Christmas. Our store is home to unique business Christmas gift ideas for employees and clients.

All of our items are hand-blown to perfection by glass masters in Venice. Contact us if you have any further questions.

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