Studio Salvadore

Studio Salvadore is a collaborative glass production team headed by Muranese brothers Mattia and Marco Salvadore. They began working with their father Davide in the studio Campanol&Salvadore as young boys.

In 2003 Mattia assisted Pino Signoretto , Franco Toffolo, and Dante Marioni at the international workshop organized by Centro Studio Vetro, a non-profit cultural organisation founded in 1997 to cultivate and promote the art of glass. Mattia has also studied with a variety of Muranese masters, attended a course with Anthony Schafermeyer and Claire Kelly at Pilchuck Glass School, and has worked at the famous Venini glass factory.

Marco was a presenter at the 2009 Glass Art Society and has travelled around the world to teach glass working techniques.

The Salvadore brothers' works are captivating: the two artists concentrate on a few forms, simple, graceful elliptical shapes that fram the layered colours emerging from the glass matter. A signature of Studio Salvadore is the use of swathes of colour encased in transparent or opaque glas with large custom made murrine applied on the surface. This, with the use of fresh tones palettes, give to the overall design a young and contemporary look. Their work is rich in design and creativity but is also labour and technique intense: every product requires a confident and unerring hand at all stages.

Find their products here: /blogs/unfold-venice/studio-salvadore


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