How and what to use for gluing glass

Until a few decades ago, the use of glue was seen by glass masters as a sign of inadequacy.
Executions that included glued pieces were considered not up to the millennial tradition and consequently snubbed by true passionates of Murano glass.

All the things you need to know before trying your hand at repairing your beloved glassware.

With the evolution of the quality of glue materials, and above all with the desire to overcome the limits imposed by completely hot executions, little by little the use of glue has increasingly crept into the production of furnaces, even of the highest rank.

Today almost all large sculptures are glued in one or more parts.

Thanks to the acceptance of this compromise and thanks to the reliability of these new materials, today we can obtain very large sculptures that were unthinkable until some time ago.

On the other hand, the introduction of this new possibility has produced the need to develop new skills and as always, thanks to the meticulousness and commitment of our Murano artisans, we have reached very high standards even in this technique.

Today essentially two types of glue are used:

Two-component glue and UV glue .

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