Gabriele Urban

In 1966 in an old kiln of Murano, a young boy set to work the glass and soon aimed at bringing his skills to perfection and his own creations to life. That boy, Gabriele Urban, after a forty-year experience in glass blowing, has been working on his own kiln since 1995.That kiln is known as La Fornasotta.


The Company has a homely environment where everyone cooperates with one another: from the relationship with the clients to the creation of new pieces. Everyone enriches the development of each creation with their own ideas and opinions, whilst always bearing in mind the mantra: Murano means glass. Inside the Fornasotta, everything is considered important and the goal is to obtain a mix among light, reflections and colors. Their creations are the result of the wise and skilful use of ancient glass techniques: from the classic manufacture of murrine to mosaic tiles, simple wine glasses and intricate designs with glass powders. In addition to this, other extravagant creations are available and they can also be custom made.

See the maestro Gabriele Urban creating a snail:

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