Stefano Toso

Stefano Toso was born in Venice on November 11th , 1958 into a centuries old family of glassmakers and entered into the family glass works at an early age, beginning his apprenticeship with his father Berto.

He apprenticed as a glassmaker at the A.L.T. Glassworks in 1975, and after two years followed with an apprenticeship in engraving at the F. Moretti Glassworks and later with Livio Seguso . In 1982 he opened a furnace in partnership where he perfected his art for the next 12 years trough collaboration with a series of artists such as Robert Willson , Cesar Kyohei Fujita and Lucio Bubacco .

After various experiences in all field of artistic production, he specialized in enhancing the form of glass trough precise cold work and glass etching , brought to perfection beginning in his youth trough the associations with Livio Seguso.

1977 was the year Stefano opened his state-of the art furnace and “moleria” (cold working studio) where he design and creates his own original pieces. Stefano in collaboration with master of the masters Egidio Costantini , produced some pieces inspired to the production of the famous Fucina Degli Angeli .
He currently collaborating with famous lamp work master Lucio Bubacco and together they are employing new technique to crate a very innovative collection for galleries and glass collectors worldwide.

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