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A punti

Decorative dots are applied to the hot glass with very thin glass rods: the tip is burnt in the flame, then leaned against the surface to decorate. The repetition of this operation creates patterns and designs. Great manual skills and precision are required. This technique is widely used in the...

A puntini e a strisce

The a puntini (dotted) and a strisce (striped) glass were included in a small series presented at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1937 and showcased at the 21st Venice Biennale one year later. This was a clear and highly iridishent type of glass, decorated with small dots or stripes in...

Frogs on the Rock

Completely hand made, multicolored top quality Murano glass. The technique is a lume that is a type of glasswork that uses a gas fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass.Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements....

Meteora Drinking Glasses - Set of 6

Meteora: fragments of stars on a Murano drinking glass.The Meteora (Italian for meteor) Murano glass tumblers collection is a combination of traditional Murano blown glass and contemporary design given by the fragments scattered in relief on the glass surface, as colorful fragments of a falling star. The fragments are added...

Crystal and gold angel with a trumpet

Crystal and gold angel with a trumpet - Passion, creativity and accuracy in each detail are our winning points, from the starting ideas and projects drafted by qualified designers, to the realization of the single pieces, crafted in full respect of a thousand-year-long tradition.

Masai Trinket Tray - Round 10 to 18 cm

Rounded Trinket Tray in matte African fantasy Murano glass with an elegant and impactive design. The murrine used are transparent with a colourful dot. Hand-made in Murano, following the ancient Muranese techniques. Small variations in details and dimensions are to be considered as evidence of this craftmanship.

Costume jewellery made in Murano

The typical trait of Murano has always been glassworks and glass production, which flooded the markets of costume jewellery but also of luxury products, or even everyday items such as bottles, glass plates and lead glass, exported then throughout Europe. But if the luxury products are famous, what about the...

How to Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty with Gift-Giving

Loyalty is a process, not a product Are you planning to strengthen your relationship with your customers? If so, by reading this article we willl try to help you find some tricks to better reach your goals. A common mistake is to believe that by giving presents to your prospects...

Estevan Rossetto

As master glassblower he worked at the C. Maschio firm, then, in the late 30s, at Barovier & Toso's. He executed very good sculptures and participated in a lot of international shows. He also exhibited in public during some demonstration stages. During the 40s he ceased activities, and then worked...

Murano vase – Rostrato Collection

The Murano rostrato vase is a work of artistic blown glass that requires great skill and craftsmanship. During the production process, the master glassblower works with molten glass at extremely high temperatures. Subsequently, using special tools such as tongs or shears, the glass is shaped into small points or protrusions...
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