a beautiful multi-colored paperweight

Within the corporate sector, exchanging gifts as a token of well-being and good faith is quite common. Exchange of gifts usually occurs during recruits' orientation, an employee's promotion, a change of work location, or even if it's a colleague's birthday!. The culture has become such a norm that it now constitutes an important part of networking.

According to Forbes, corporate gifting is a way to recognize hardworking employees and bolster relationships with clients and team members.

We can also get a deeper insight into the corporate gift industry through the Bedbible study

Depending on your designation and networking skills within the company, you should keep up with the trend of exchanging gifts at your office.

Not very familiar with appropriate gifting items, choose gift items that are useful, long-lasting, and could be gifted to both men and women. Murano glass will be a good choice here!

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Here are some great corporate gift ideas for office friends and colleagues.


Shiny, weighty, and appealing, paperweights are the best gifts you could give a person who's just joined work and might be teaming up with you. The best part about them is that they always come in handy to keep loose papers and important documents in place

Now your paperweights will have all the brightest colors you want them to be. Paperweights made of Murano glass are perfect for your office since they have colorful patterns and murrine. Murrine is an intricate, colorful pattern drawn on a piece of glass. The glass type, also known as millefiori glass, features the most intricate flower-like designs produced by heating glass rods of different colors and fusing them.

Wine Stoppers and More

It depends on your relationship with your colleague, but whatever you gift them should be of the highest quality. Murano glass wine stoppers are the shiniest gift items around.

At MuranoNet, we have Betulla leave-shaped wine stoppers as the perfect corporate gifts. The wine stopper is available in different colors and works as a classic, high-quality gift.

different colored wine stoppers

Beautiful Vases

Asymmetrical vases are all the hype these days. Your colleagues will love something so modern and chic as an asymmetrical vase for living rooms made of one of the most valued glasses around.

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