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Authentic Murano Glass Certification

Every glass object from Murano merges two souls: the traditional approach by the artist who works the matter and the creativity of the designer who gives shape to the emotions.

Purchase a Murano glassworks means buying a great value. For this reason, MuranoNet® offers to its customers the guarantee of authentic pieces and certified: a trustworthy way to buy authentic Murano Glass artworks.

The official trademark

Vetro Artistico Murano
This Official trademark - established and regulated by Law n. 70 on /12/23/94 Veneto Region - certifies that the glass product is made in the Murano Island following the ancient traditional techniques.

Only the Companies that obtained the "Vetro Artistico® Murano" certification can apply the sticker with its logo on the glass they manufacture, in order to prove its origin.

The trademark logo represents a typical work tool - the borsella - while creating a plate. It can be blue or red according to the type of working while the so called borsella and the written Vetro Artistico® Murano are marked in golden characters. It also shows the trade name and traceability of the producer.

The sticker cannot be counterfeit which means that it cannot be removed – otherwise it would break - and it carries the identification code of the manufacturer.

We are trusted Vetro Artistico® Murano glass reseller: our shop is listed as vendor V07 by

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