Antonio Colleoni was born in Mirano and in 1810 he moved to Murano to run his pharmacy.
When Veneto was annexed to Italy, he assumed the effective office of Mayor for the duration of three years; from 1867-1869, he was then reconfirmed Mayor 8 times.

From the words of Angelo Santi, we learn that on an evening in July 1861 the Mayor Colleoni, proposed to Vincenzo Zanetti to become an interpreter to create an institution that could collect within it a small archive of the history of Murano, with documents that interested the life of the municipality: the enthusiastic Abbot Zanetti broadened the vision of the Mayor by stating that it would have been more interesting if there had also been glass inside this institution so that he would not forget the past and glorious history of Murano and lay the foundations for the construction of a small but significant museum.
It was then planned with Zanetti to create a historical memory that he would have constituted after which Colleoni would have presented it to the municipal Deputies for approval.
Zecchin took care of creating a booklet and printing a number of not less than 500 copies to be distributed in Venice and abroad in order to finance the project.
In addition, he asked for a large book, which could collect the objects he was accumulating.

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