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Effetre Murano SRL is a company that has been carrying on the glassmaking tradition of Murano since the Middle Ages, particularly in the 15th century when its artisans developed the high technological level of Murano's glassworks.

In the second half of the 15th century, Murano's glass technicians had mastered the art of making glass canes with different colors, which presented characteristic concentric star motifs inside, once called rosettes, and now known as millefiori or murrine. The production of colored canes and millefiori continued on the island for centuries, up to the present day.

The techniques currently used at Effetre Murano SRL date back to the 19th century, when the glass technician and composer Vincenzo Moretti rediscovered the challenging millefiori technique of the Roman period. He created a multitude of colored glasses and enamels, which is why Effetre Murano's products are still known today as Moretti. The tradition of these techniques, which is still reflected in Murano's artifacts, is passed down from generation to generation.

Modern technology combined with knowledge of ancient craftsmanship has allowed the industrial-scale production of colored canes and millefiori.

Effetre Murano SRL offers a wide range of handmade products that use glass canes, such as beads, objects made with the lampworking technique, and jewelry with murrine, as well as larger items such as artistic vases, plates, and glasses. Over time, thanks to the experience gained, the company has developed new product lines such as rolled slabs, filigree, granules, glass blocks, tubes, and the splendid zanfirico-reticello.

One of Effetre Murano SRL's strengths is its rich variety of colors available for its products, which makes it unique and recognized worldwide. As the only manufacturer of semi-finished glass products on the island of Murano, the company has a proud history of producing high-quality glass products and still provide semi cavorted glass to almost all the glass lamp workers.

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