Giuliano Tosi

Maestro Giuliano Tosi, born in 1942, comes from a family where the glass making tradition has been handed down from generation to generation since 1483. He was very young when he first started to work with glass but immediately revealed a unique talent for the craft.

He soon learned the techniques and secrets of the very best masters working at the time. Learning about the composition and characteristics of all the different types of glass, their hardness, pliability and other characteristics.


Giuliano Tosi has been honored to create, by request, art glass pieces for; The Pope, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas, Victoria Adams (formerly Posh Spice) and her husband, International Soccer player David Beckman, Richard Gere, Yul Brynner and many more high profile people. In addition to prior mentioned personalities, Maestro Tosi has also been commissioned by various internationally acclaimed artists to transform their art into glass. Renowned Vittore Frattini collaborated in 1999 with Maestro Tosi to recreate his "Globe" paintings into Globes of glass pieces. These pieces have been sold for as much as $9,000.00. His work has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the Guggenheim of Venice.

In 1973, he set up his own glassworks studio. Giuliano Tosi is a very versatile maestro, and he can make both heavy and light, delicate compositions. He prefers working in more classical styles and has visited museums all over Italy and Europe in order to gain ideas and enrich his own, personal production with modifications and adaptations of past techniques.

The Tosi Furnace is an amazing source for pieces with elegant forms and coloration that never runs dry. Enriching the craft tradition of Murano, Maestro Tosi renews his various collections through his own personal style. Clear, precise choices of color caress and highlight the pure forms which are made by hand using refined techniques. The movement of volumes and the play of color set no limits to the fantasy of the artist. The little imperfections bear witness to the old-fashioned values of this style of working the glass and the unique nature of each item. And respect for the oldest technical traditions of glassmaking.

Filigrana, Zanfrico and Reticello are all local Murano techniques first developed in the 16th century. Which Tosi has adapted to meet 20th century tastes and requirements.

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  • Michael Basire
    Oct 02, 2023 at 05:25

    Hello I have a piece signed Guiliano Tosi .It is 2 figures entwined mainly clear glass with blue and red entwined in the centre. I don’t know what it is called is there anyway to find out more about this piece. Thank you Michael Basire

  • L.
    Feb 04, 2023 at 03:26

    Hello, I am trying to research a piece that may have been by Maestro Tosi commissioned in 2002. The signature of Giuliano is quite similar, yet it doe not have “Tosi” included in the signature. Instead, there is a word or name that starts with a “M”, possibly for Murano?
    Would anyone know if M. Tosi ever signed his work without “Tosi”? Or if he, or someone, had a studio in Venice by the name of Giuliano in 2002? Any help or research I can try would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and help.

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