Sweets, fruits and tea rituals: the exhibition of Japanese glass artists Enami and Konishi arrives in Venice.

It started on 19th September at

Ca ' Pesaro-Museo d'Arte Orientale in Venice : until November 29th it will be possible to admire the glass works of Japanese artists Fujiko Enami and Ushio Konishi.

Following the fil rouge of Expo Milan 2015, visitors can see glass miniatures that evoke treats shaped like fruits and vegetables: the f uridashi.

Along with these, sake cups, small containers for the tea ceremony, cages, boxes for writing instruments ( suzuribako) and carries for medicinal herbs (inrō) .

"Delizie di Vetro – Glass Ddelights" wants to be a bridge between the Venetian artistic tradition and the Japanese one: the works of Enami and Konishi are in fact made with murrine and filigrana techniques.

Moreover, at the exhibition it will be possibile to admire the reconstruction of a vase made from Venetian glass fragments dating back to 1590 but found within the castle of Hachioji, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, and the cost of the ticket will be 10€.

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