I Lirici

I Lirici was a well known furnace in the 90s now closed.
Luigi Straffi and Dario Fagiolo were the leading designers of a collection of sculptures that took up epic themes or paid homage to cult works drawn from history.
The brand was born to produce and market works of art using precious materials and traditional techniques and above all intended for passionate connoisseurs and collectors.
I Lirici has set itself the goal of bringing together expressive and executive cultures, artists and craftsmen, thus uniting under the same project those two souls that once belonged to the same character.
The artist's sensitivity has revised and reinterpreted the most refined repertoire of the Murano glass tradition and techniques.
Thus expanding his expressive vocabulary and forcing the craftsman to leave his usual practice to take on new concepts and experiment with innovative techniques in a mutually fruitful relationship.
This exchange has resulted in a selection of skillfully handcrafted pieces, whose art makes it more and more valuable as time goes by.
A repertoire of articles to be consumed culturally rather than materially, a spiritual more than a physical urgency.

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