Leucos was born in 1962 in Scorzé near Venice and then moved to Salzano.

The creator and founder of Leucos is Eugenio Pamio, who together with Renato and Giusto Toso - sons of Ermanno Toso, Murano master glassmaker - experiment with new shapes and colors combined with light.
The Leucos lamps resumed an immediate and progressive success until the crisis of 208 when the company's revenues began to decline.
In 2014, due to bankruptcy, the company was taken over by the entrepreneur Riccardo Candiotti.
His lamp-sculptures have been known all over the world since the beginning for the perfect synthesis of formal research and material innovation, art and design that describe the power of Made in Italy, capable of recovering even after such a disastrous fall.
Stronger and more alive than ever.

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