Ragazzi & C.

The three members of Ragazzi & C. are three cousins, Piero Ragazzi, Alberto Moretti and Nicola Moretti who in the 80s became heirs of the huge cultural heritage of their family.

From the very first beginning, they focused their business in the design of glass jewels and exclusive decorative products created with the use of ancient traditions and innovative techniques.
This peculiar mix has become the element that distinguishes Ragazzi & C. from all the other Murano entities and allows them to create custom-made items meeting the designers’ and Companies’ needs, that is looking for special solutions for their clients.


  • Jo Sehmi
    Jan 02, 2024 at 12:31

    I have 2 glass sculptures from Ragazzi & Co which form a 3 piece set. These are a part of Sir Lancelot and Camelot series. Do you have any idea if these are still available ?

    Please send me any details if possible.

    Jo Sehmi

  • Carla Dixon
    Sep 07, 2022 at 18:46

    My Mother has a square glass paperweight, with 2 green bars, 1 red bar, 1 black bar with 3 flowers in between the bars She had it about 30-35 yrs. Do you have a catalog detailing older pieces? About 2 1/2 “ square. Thank you Carla Dixon

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