Vetreria Artistica DiPi

The Vetreria Artistica DiPi glassworks has been founded in Murano in 1986 by Imperio Rossi, followed by Mario Costantini.

Imperio entered in the world of glass when he was only a boy of 13, following his father's steps and working side-by-side with some of the most important and talented Murano glass-masters, refining his skills and learning ancient secrets of this charming art.
The production at DiPi's was at the beginning focussed on artistic vases, plates, and wedding favors, shifting later to the Millefiori technique.
The maestro, using Murrine, creates objects of unmistakable Venetian taste, recognized worldwide.
Some of Impero Rossi's creations are shown in the museums of Tokyo, Vienna, Madrid and New York.


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