What is Light good for?

Murano glass is a protagonist during Venice Carnival!

From 3pm to 5pm on Saturday 18th and Tuesday 21st February, glass masters of Signoretto Lampadari glass studio will create - in front of the audience - some projects designed by students of the Venice Arts Accademy .
All of this will be live from the gorgeous scenery that is Piazza San Marco , the heart of Venice.

The event, held thanks to a collaboration between the Venice Arts Accademy and some Muranese glass studios, aims to spread the love and the knowledge of Murano glass , especially amidst the young generations. Glass and all its industry has played an important role in Venice: for its economy but also for its culture and identity.

Some of the artworks created during the event will be exhibited at " ARA - Designing contemporary Murano glass at the Venice Arts Accademy ", starting from May at Palazzo Da Mula in Murano.

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