Pezzato - Tessera

This glass is like a patchwork with elements of different colours and is obtained as follows: on a metal plate a series of segments of flat rods, according to a given design, are arranged.

The plate is heated to take the segments back up to their melting point: at this stage the set of molten fragment is made adhere by rotation to the outer surface of the vase still on the tip of the blower's pipe. After the pieces have been joined together, they are finished by appropriate smoothing over and modelling. Strictly speaking, the pezzati pieces are those designed by Fulvio Bianconi and produced by Venini & C.

This technique was also adopted by other Murano glass factories, but if we want to look at who was really first, we have to remember some bowls designed by the painter Dino Martens and exhibited by Aureliano Toso at the XXII Biennale di Venezia in 1940.

The firm Barovier & Toso in 1956 exhibited a number of series of vases such as the "millefili", "tessere", "sidone" and "parabolici", with a decor consisting of alternate tesseras of various colours and consistency.


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