Dino Martens

Corrado Martens, known as Dino, was born in Venice in 1894 where he died in 1970.
Studies at the Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Venezia. Moves to Murano in the middle ‘20s to become a collaborator and partner at the S.A.L.I.R.

As a painter he exhibits at the Biennale from 1924 to 1930. Works as a designer in 1932 for the Salviati & C. and for the Succ. Andrea Rioda firms.
After his return from Italy's African wars in 1939 to 1963 he is art director of Aureliano Toso , creating glassware of great interest for the open-minded use of traditional Venetian techniques. With a great sensitivity for the glass, he was able to understand its potential by establishing a special harmony with this material, which he learned to know and shape according to his daring design intuitions, sometimes "visionary" for the first half of the twentieth century.
He remained at the Aureliano Toso for many years producing many noted works using traditional Venetian techniques but producing some original effects, "daring" asymmetric shapes - the designs often being marked by their obvious difficulty of execution.
Among his inventions, the pittorico and oriente techniques stand out.


Dino Martens - Oriente centerpiece

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